How to Make Efo-Riro / Vegetable Soup

The origins of soul food are from various parts of West Africa. Today most of us substitute traditional/local vegetables from West Africa for spinach, kale, collard greens, and many other dark leafy greens. Efo Riro in the US has been popularized by the Yoruba's from Nigeria. However many West African nations cook vegetables similar but with different seasonings. Here it goes...


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Ingredients and Cooking Instructions

4 bundles of fresh spinach (frozen is fine too. Make sure to drain excess water prior to cooking it)

2-3 Bell peppers (You can use just Red Bell Peppers)

2 scotch bonnet

1 Onion (diced)

1/4 Cup Palm Oil

2 Tbsp Okporo (Dried Fish; optional)

2 Tbsp Dawadawa

1 TBP Chicken or Beef Seasoning (or cube)

1lb beef cubes, shrimp and/or diced chicken (or any protein you choose; pre-cooked) Assorted meat is optional too

Cooking Instructions

Set heat to medium. Add palm oil Stir in Onion and shrimp Pour in the blended mix Cook for about 5 minutes Add Kpomo and Shaki (Optional). Cook for 5 minutes. The Sauce and protein will thicken and this is good! Add Smoked turkey, chicken, and beef. Allow cooking all together for about 5 mins. Simmer. Finally, add the Spinach and mix it together thoroughly, then leave it to cook until most of the liquid evaporates. Enjoy with your Fufu, Rice, Couscous or Quinoa.

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