Egusi Soup


3 cups Ground Egusi

I pack of Cooked Smoked Turkey Wings

1 medium-sized Onion, pureed

1 tablespoon, ground Dawa Dawa

2 tablespoon dried Crayfish

1 tablespoon dried Oporo

3-4 cups Turkey Broth

3/4 cup Palm Oil

2 teaspoons Chicken/Beef Seasoning

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon African Pepper

1- 2 cups of Fresh Spinach, Chopped

Salt to taste


Boil your turkey legs in a medium-sized pot in about 4-5 cups of water. Add a teaspoon of salt. Boil over medium-high heat until your turkey legs are a bit tender.

Meanwhile cut and puree your onions until it is finely minced in a food processor. In another mixing bowl combine pureed onions and the egusi together. Mix thoroughly until all the egusi becomes a paste. In a medium-sized cast iron pot, over medium heat add your palm oil and then your egusi. Mix the Egusi paste until the entire mixture turns into a bright yellow color.

So this is where the use of 'elbow grease' comes into play. Keep mixing/frying until all the moisture from your paste evaporates. The egusi will look a little "doughy" but make sure it doesn't burn. This egusi cooking technique is a cross between pan-frying and braising. It is an important part of cooking because it will determine the size of your egusi pieces once it is finished cooking (and this is also a very important aspect of cooking egusi).

Pour in your turkey broth into the egusi. Add your salt, pepper, seasoning, and dawa dawa. Delicately move your egusi to prevent it from burning. Gently place your turkey wings into the egusi. Cook on medium-high until it reaches boiling point. Reduce to medium heat. Cook for about ten mins.

Use your cooking spoon and gently stir again. Add your chopped spinach. Cook for five minutes and egusi is ready to serve. Enjoy your Egusi with Iyan, Boiled Yam, Potatoes or White Jasmine Rice, and a side of Mama Sinmi's Red Sauce.

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